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2016 Kia Rio Wallpaper Download 2016 Kia Rio Wallpaper Picture 2016 Kia Rio Desktop HD Wallpaper 2016 Kia Rio Sedan Wallpaper 2016 lexus rx 350 interior wallpapers 2016-ford-explorer-platinum-interior-wallpapers Blue Kia Rio 2016 Wallpaper HD 2016 Jeep Patriot Wallpaper Download Mercedes-AMG E 43 4MATIC (W 213) 2016; Exterieur: Obsidianschwarz; Interieur: Leder Schwarz
Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert (l/100 km):  8,3
CO2-Emissionen kombiniert (g/km):  189

exterior: obsidian black; interior: leather black; 
Fuel consumption, combined (l/100 km):  8.3
CO2 emissions, combined (g/km):  189 2016 Kia Rio Wallpaper Widescreen E400 4MATIC AMG Line / designo selenite grey magno/ Leather: nappa saddle brown / black
DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL / Exterior line: AMG Line

E400 4 MATIC AMG Line / designo selenitgrau magno / Leder: Nappa sattelbraun / schwarz / DYNAMIC BODY CONTROL / Line Exterieur: AMG Line

E 400 4MATIC
Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert*: 7,7 l/100 km; CO₂-Emissionen kombiniert*: 174 g/km (*vorläufig)
Fuel consumption combined*: 7.7 l /100 km; combined CO₂ emissions*: 174 g/km (*preliminary) The 45th Anniversary Gold Edition, built off of the GT-R Premium model, commemorates the GT-R’s long heritage of world-class high performance. Featuring a special gold paint color, the limited edition model also includes a special gold-tone VIN plate located inside the engine compartment and a special commemorative plaque on the interior center console. The paint color itself is the same “Silica Brass” color that marked the 2001 Skyline GT-R M-Spec (R34 Type). Fewer than 30 of these special GT-Rs are slated for the United States market. 2016-eaa-airventure-ford-shelby-gt350-interior-desktop-wallpapers 2016-ds4-crossback-interior-wallpaper 2016-bmw-vision-next-100-iconic-impulses-exterior-wallpapers 2016-ford-everest-interior-wallpapers 2016-nissan-titan-interior-wallpapers Offered on 2016 Corvette Stingray and Z06, the Jet Black Suede Design Package features a unique Jet Black sueded microfiber interior, including a microfiber-trimmed steering wheel and shifter, and additional carbon fiber trim. 2016-bmw-i8-interior-wallpapers 2016-citroen-cxperience-interior-wallpapers 2016-ford-mondeo-st-interior-wallpapers 2016-ford-everest-interior-background-wallpapers 2016 honda civic ex interior wallpapers 2016-volvo-v70-r-interior-wallpaper